Epcot Update: Getting Ready for the Arrival of Hurricane Dorian (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new Epcot update. Let's continue our tour of the park by moving on to The Land pavilion to see what's new:

Back in 2018, one of the trees that used to be found near the entrance to The Land pavilion was removed. Yesterday, we noticed that the second trees was also recently removed (that tree was there earlier this year). Could this mean that the smaller glass dome will return in the near future? That would be great news!:

No more trees:

A temporary Ghirardelli shop has taken over the lobby of the Harvest Theater:



Let's take a quick look inside:

The pond near the Imagination pavilion was being filled:

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The expanded walkway between Cub Cool and the Imagination pavilion is now open:

It's much wider now:

The new restrooms are not done yet:

 A new planter was built nearby:

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