Epcot Update: Getting Ready for the Arrival of Hurricane Dorian (PART 3)

Thank you for joining us for the third part of this large Epcot update. We will now continue our tour of this amazing park by checking out Future World East and the former Odyssey Pavilion:

The pathway on the other side of Future World will soon be expanded as well:

Cool Wash is closed in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian:

The Test Track awning will still be here after the storm, no doubt about it...

A temporary stage has been set up next to Innoventions East:

Work on the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster continues:

New solar panels are being installed on the roof:

The former Universe of Energy building is also receiving a new coast of paint:

The Play! pavilion:

The new Space 220 restaurant continue to take shape between Mission: SPACE and Test Track:

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The interactive game at the exit of Mission: SPACE has been reduced in size:

Some water infiltration was occurring before the storm. That's definitely not a good sign:

The future Epcot Experience Center is getting a new coast of paint:

Some tarps were removed due to the storm.



We like the new look of the pavilion:

New accent walls can be seen by the restrooms:

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