Epcot Update: Getting Ready for the Arrival of Hurricane Dorian (PART 1)

Hurricane Dorian is slowly moving towards Central Florida, causing many of the area's attractions to alter operating hours and secure props, trash cans, light fixtures, and other items scattered around the parks.

This morning we will take a look around Epcot to see what is being done to get ready for the storm while also checking out what's new since our last visit to the park. We hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

The other half of the Leave a Legacy monoliths is also gone:

These temporary walls partially hide the stroller/wheelchair rental area:

More walls are now up next to Guest Relations:

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The hideous Millennium Celebration tarps will finally be removed in the coming months:

The umbrellas near Fountain View have been zip tied due to the approaching storm:

Some of the trees and plants behind Innoventions West have been removed:

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