Islands of Adventure Update: Work on New Jurassic Park Ride Continues (PART 1)

Universal's Islands of Adventure continues to grow each and every year. In just a few months, a new family roller coaster will open in the site formerly occupied by Dragon Challenge, while a more thrilling coaster awaits Guests visiting the park in the not-so-distant future (either 2020 or 2021).

Let's take a look around to see what's going on inside the park. As usual, we hope you'll enjoy this tour.

Let's begin by checking out the gorgeous Port of Entry area:

A new-ish Funko kiosk can be found near the entrance of Marvel Superhero Island:

A couple of photo-ops used for the Grad Bash event can be found nearby:

The area in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center looks so bare without the trees:

A new roller coaster is expected to be installed in this area. We truly hope it won't be an eyesore.

Seuss Landing:

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The Green Eggs and Ham sign is again not spinning:

The location was also closed even though the park felt very crowded:

The Zax ByPass is one of our favorite features of the land:

Moving on:

Here you are a few more photos of the construction site in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center:

Still nothing to see here:

A new service animal relief area can now be found in the Court of Miracles:

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