Islands of Adventure Update: Work on New Jurassic Park Ride Continues (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new Universal's Islands of Adventure photo-report. Be sure to click on this link to check out PART 1 of this update. Let's continue to walk around the park.

The queue in front of the entrance to the Hogsmeade station has been reconfigured:

The portal that will serve as the entrance to the all-new family coaster continues to receive some attention:

Notice how the top of the structure resembles the top of a nearby building:

The structure near the ride's entrance is also behind walls:

Let's take a closer look at the future site of the new Jurassic Park roller coaster:

Walls have taken over Jurassic Park:

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The former Raptor Encounter location is now closed:

Guests can now find this popular character greeting location on the other side of the walkway:

This is rumored to be a temporary location:

The service animal relief area formerly located nearby has been relocated:

A lot of trees have been removed from the area that housed the Triceratops Discovery Trail:

Toon Lagoon looks great:

Marvel Superhero Island:

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