SeaWorld Update: Mako Construction and More (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of this SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. As always, be sure to also check out PART 1 if you haven't already done so.
In the first part of this update, we showed you around the entrance area of the park, the Port of Entry, the area surrounding Manta, and Key West. Now, we will continue our tour of the park by visiting Blue HorizonsTurtleTrekKraken, the Waterfront, and we will also take a peek at the park's new hyper coaster, Mako.

SeaWorld's app is now advertised on some of the shows' billboards:

Blue Horizons:

The show is still featuring modified performances due to issues with the stage:

A gazebo is taking shape near the TurtleTrek area:

Journey to Atlantis:

Warm temperatures helped the wait times to increase dramatically:

The Kraken:

Mako continues to take shape behind the attraction:


Here you are a few photos of Mako taken from the Pacific Point Preserve:

This coaster will completely change the park's skyline:

One of the older directional signs:

Divers were missing from the Oyster's Secret area:

The Sky Tower is still closed following the incident that left Guests stranded for a few hours:

The rest of the Waterfront area:

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