SeaWorld Update: Mako Construction and More (PART 1)

SeaWorld Orlando is definitely one of the theme parks in the area that we do not cover as often as we'd like to. While it might be true that the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort are growing at a faster pace, we have noticed plenty of changes around every angle of the park during our last visit.
In addition to Mako (the park's new coaster), multiple areas have received some additions or have been refurbished in the past few months. Take a look.

It's another wonderful "winter" day here at SeaWorld (with temperatures in the upper 80s):

New metal detectors are being installed near the park's main entrance:

This used to be a bus/tram shelter:

Inside the park, we noticed that the shop formerly selling items celebrating the company's 50th anniversary has now become a SeaWorld Rescue-themed store. This is definitely a nice change:

Here you are some photos of the interior of the shop:

The park is still celebrating the anniversary, of course:

Some photos of Manta should never be missing from our updates:

Wait times were not too bad during the early afternoon:

Manta's Aquarium recently received new entrance signs:

We have noticed that some of the park's directional signs have been changed:

Key West:

New (themed) poles have been installed in front of some of the area's shops and kiosks:

The Dolphin Cove:

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