Downtown Disney Update: Visiting The Landing (PART 1)

The major Downtown Disney expansion project continues to change the overall look of this entertainment district. The beautiful landscaping, the highly-themed new buildings and props seen around The Landing, and the larger pathways contribute in creating an even more pleasant experience for Guests, despite the temporary walls and traffic conditions that still plague the area. This morning we will take a look around to see what has been done since our last visit.

Let's begin by taking a look around the West Side:

Work continues to be done near DisneyQuest and Splitsville:

The temporary United World Soccer trailer:

Their new store will soon open near the AMC Theaters:

Moving on:

The new location of the United World Soccer store:

Construction also continues to take place around the Planet Hollywood restaurant (which is still open):

The Landing:

The BOATHOUSE is definitely a great addition. Its theming adds a lot of charm to the area:

The (extremely expensive) Amphicars:

The highly-awaited Hangar:

Walking around The Landing:

The expansion of Paradiso 37 continues:

More photos of The Hangar:


  1. Is that the raised walkway in the first few pictures? I thought I read they decided not to build that? Also, the link to part 2 doesn't work

  2. Thanks Anonymous! We fixed the problem.
    Also, what you see in those photos is a faux raised track. It will be just for decorative purposes.

  3. The raised platforms were never intended to be walkways, but at least one of them was supposed to have a seating area on top, but that was eliminated. The platforms are based on the Highline in NYC.