Animal Kingdom Update: More Walls Removed (PART 1)

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is growing. This wonderful theme park will soon offer many more new attractions, shows, experiences, restaurants, and shops to future Guests. While waiting for these new additions to officially open, Guests will have to continue to be patient and deal with the large amount of walls that have been installed in many areas of the park. That being said, some walls recently came down around Discovery Island. Take a look:

First of all, work continues to take place in the future site of Pandora - The World of AVATAR:

This temporary-looking shop looks new to us. Let us know if you have seen this in the past:

The great Monkey Kingdom sand sculpture is located right outside the park's main entrance:

Time to enter:

Near The Oasis, we noticed that the former Discovery River Boat landing had its ramp removed:

Discovery Island feels much more open now:

The walls that surrounded Island Mercantile have all been removed:

New trees, planters, and concrete can be seen in this refurbished area:

The new planters:

Some close-up photos of the new concrete and planters:

It looks like the Island Mercantile building also received a fresh coat of paint:

There's plenty of space to walk around now:

Nearby, work continues to expand the Disney Outfitters store:

Behind the walls:

The back of the store:

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