Animal Kingdom Update: More Walls Removed (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Animal Kingdom photo-report. Be sure to go back to PART 1 of this update before proceeding.
In the previous part, we walked around the parking area, the entrance plaza (where the new Monkey Kingdom sand sculpture is located), The Oasis, and Discovery Island. Since many projects are taking place around Discovery Island, we will continue to take a look around the area, and then we'll move on.

The hub:

Many new speakers continue to be installed:

The lemurs are back near "It's Tough to Be a Bug":

The Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant continues to be closed for refurbishment:

Walls have been moved closer to the actual restaurant:

More new concrete and planters:

The awning is being extended:

More walls have been removed:

Rivers of Light Construction:

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