SEA LIFE Orlando Welcomes Sharks to Their New Habitat

The SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium introduced sandbar sharks to their new home in Orlando last week. The sandbar sharks, also known as brown sharks, were transported to their 192,000-gallon habitat, joining their new aquatic neighbors. This marks the second group of fish to arrive at the aquarium, which previously included Everglades Pygmy Sunfish, Butterflyfish, Triggerfish, Moray Eels and more. More than 5,000 sea animals will be featured in 32 display habitats.

Here you are some photos showing the sharks being introduced to their new home inside the aquarium:

Opening May 4, visitors can immerse themselves in this unique and interactive aquarium experience, including coldwater rock pools, bubble and floor-to-ceiling window aquariums, and walkthrough 360-degree and 180-degree acrylic tunnels to learn about various species through interactive experiences.  

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