Animal Kingdom Update: More Walls Removed (PART 3)

Welcome to part 3 of this latest Animal Kingdom photo-report. Feel free to go back to PART 2 of this update for even more photos of Discovery Island.
As you might have noticed, the past two parts of this article have been almost completely focusing on the center and west side of Discovery Island. Now, we will focus on the east side (which is closer to the new Pandora - The World of AVATAR) and then we will visit Africa and the Harambe area.

The pathway leading to Pandora:

Behind the walls:


Work on the new Starbucks continues:

Something was left on the roof:

New walls have gone up near the entrance to Africa:


New Harambe Theater sign with showtimes:

The Kilimanjaro Safaris:

The former FASTPASS distribution area is now used as an extended queue:

Walls are up in the Savanna:

The new Harambe Marketplace:

Drinkwalla offering sandwiches:

New pathway in Asia, near Kali River Rapids:

Expedition Everest:

The Theater in the Wild was recently repainted. It now has shades of trees painted on the front:

The rest of the area:

It looks like the entrance of Dino-Rama was recently repainted:

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  1. My big questions is why haven't they started draining a big portion of the water out of the lagoon area to build the show platform. If this is really going to be an updated "World of Color 2.0" so it speak, they can't just float a few barges out there. They need the platforms that raise and lower out of the water to keep the area looking nice during the day. Having a ton of barges just sitting out in the water is not going look good when taking pictures of the mountain.

  2. AK is turning into a great park, still needs a few more rides; don't know if Avatar Land is going to cut it!

  3. I love it, all that concrete make the park looks so much more like a parking lot. Great job Disney.

  4. It doesn't appear that this is going to be like World of Color, probably more like Illuminations using barges. You can see in the pictures that they also appear to be building at least one permanent platform in the lagoon for the show.

  5. cant wait till this is finished and the park stays open later, I've only been there one time as it was starting to get dark, and it's absolutely magnificent at night! Also random question for anyone in the know, that planting next to Everest, with the "paths" cut in to it (along the river) is that based on anything or just there for pretty??

  6. To third Anonymous:
    Seriously, a "parking lot"??
    You must have some seriously-themed, beautiful parking lots where you live. We don't, ours are black asphalt with parallel lines painted on them.
    (Psst, your agenda's showing.)

  7. Animal Kingdom should definitely have an outdoor coaster that just speeds through the jungle terrain!

  8. The Park at night is amazing. I miss the night time extra magic hours. I have a feeling the Pandora area is going to blow people away. Except of course for the constant complainers. You can't fix them.

  9. To the folks concerned about barges not having anywhere to park, there is a waterway leading backstage between Everest and Theater in the Wild (beneath the metal bridge) that goes to a large tank where the old Discovery River boats are still housed. They could definitely park barges back there.

  10. First... awesome update. Thank you! That said, it could have been instead titled "More Benches removed" because there wasn't a single one visible. I'm growing sick and tired of Disney forcing us to sit on concrete built-in's for "operational efficiency". This new trend is growing old and were seeing it across the MK (new hub) as well. Such a shame that guests might want to sit on a bench... in a park. Ugh. Still can't wait for this all to be done though!

  11. I think Anon was being sarcastic about looking like a parking lot, but you've got to admit it doesn't look as nice opened up, with more concrete. I guess it was getting too crowded(?) but too bad they couldn't just cut more paths instead of what they did.

    I, like many, hated Avatar and think they should have chosen a different theme, but I think/hope I'll enjoy the area nonetheless. Just as my wife enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter even though she didn't know the books/movies.

  12. The item on the roof was most likely installed. It would be a anchor point for workers to meet OSHA regulations.

  13. Great update, can't wait to see all the progress when we go in OCT.

    On the outdoor coaster idea, as cool as that would be the noise levels just won't work in AK.

    Everything has to be devoloped with the animals first mentality so no noisy coasters.


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