Magic Kingdom Hub Construction: New Railings (PART 1)

The major expansion project currently taking place in the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park continues to progress very nicely, and today we have quite a few great news to share with you. While most Guests may not notice the smaller changes coming as part of the work being done in that particular area, this morning we will show you some additions that most theme park fans will definitely appreciate, like the beautiful new railings that are being installed. Let's take a look together:

There are still plenty of walls to see all around:

The character cutouts help to break the monotony of these walls:

A small area has been created to temporarily relocate the hub popcorn cart:

As we stated at the beginning of this update, brand-new railings are now being installed around the hub. The first area to receive them is the section of the hub leading to Adventureland:

These new railings look much better than the old ones. Their color and overall look really make a difference:

Also notice this new/refurbished planter, which also has the new railings:

There is even a gate to access the planter:

This is how the old railings looked like. Most of the other areas of the hub still has them:

Notice that the new railings have also been installed near the Crystal Palace:

If you take a closer look, though, you will notice that these are shorter railings and don't have as many details as the taller railings located by the entrance of Adventureland. They still look nice, of course:


  1. Seeing those Frozen balloons reminded me of the abundance of light-up Toy Story balloons I saw at Disneyland.

  2. Did they ever have issues with people climbing over the shorter railings? As it looks like thats why they would replace with taller railings, to stop unauthorised access. I guess the lawn in front of the Crytal Palace isn't such of an issue if people enter it.

  3. jon81uk: It was years ago when I think a child hopped over the short railings and ended up drowning in the moat.


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