Welcome to PART 2 of our newest Magic Kingdom Park hub construction update! PART 1 of this same photo-report can be found by clicking on this link!
This much-needed project is not only adding capacity to an area of the park that is constantly filled with Guests (especially during the night, when the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes perform); it also gives Disney an opportunity to ameliorate and make the hub an even more pleasant place. Let's continue:

A peek behind (or above) the walls:

Massive foundations:

From another angle:

Let's now move to the other side of the hub:

The view from the Tomorrowland bridge:

A closer look:

The Main Street U.S.A. backstage area is very visible at the moment. This needs to be addressed now:

Going back to the area near Casey's Corner, you will notice that a new concrete is going to replace the old, boring, plain red concrete that has been seen around the area in the past years:

The old, bad-looking concrete:

The replacement:

The area surrounding the former location of the Swan Boats dock has still not received any more changes:

The hub will be even more beautiful by this time next year.

That should be all for now. Be sure to stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional news, rumors, and updates, including a complete Magic Kingdom Park photo-report, which will be posted very soon.

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