Magic Kingdom Hub Construction: New Railings (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of our newest Magic Kingdom Park hub construction update! PART 1 of this same photo-report can be found by clicking on this link!
This much-needed project is not only adding capacity to an area of the park that is constantly filled with Guests (especially during the night, when the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes perform); it also gives Disney an opportunity to ameliorate and make the hub an even more pleasant place. Let's continue:

A peek behind (or above) the walls:

Massive foundations:

From another angle:

Let's now move to the other side of the hub:

The view from the Tomorrowland bridge:

A closer look:

The Main Street U.S.A. backstage area is very visible at the moment. This needs to be addressed now:

Going back to the area near Casey's Corner, you will notice that a new concrete is going to replace the old, boring, plain red concrete that has been seen around the area in the past years:

The old, bad-looking concrete:

The replacement:

The area surrounding the former location of the Swan Boats dock has still not received any more changes:

The hub will be even more beautiful by this time next year.

That should be all for now. Be sure to stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional news, rumors, and updates, including a complete Magic Kingdom Park photo-report, which will be posted very soon.


  1. How did the backstage area suddenly become so visible? I don't think I remember it like that before

  2. does anyone know when this area will be finished?

  3. According to the Disney Blog, the new hub will be completed "in 2015".

  4. Summer 2015 so between June and August.

  5. Has there been any rumors about possible adding in water jets around the water for the nighttime show? I remember seeing a video from a Disney park overseas and their castle firework show also had water jets like World of Color.

    With so much work being done now (and all the water around the hub gone) it seems like a perfect time to "plus" the firework show. Of course, nothing as big as World of Color, but some water movement around the hub would really enhance the overall show and give people more to look at.

  6. The back stage area became visible because the huge planter with the huge tree was cut down and removed.

  7. I'm sorry but I don't see any beauty with the railings being installed everywhere. I understand they're trying to keep people off the grass but now putting them everywhere like between Casey's and the baby care center? Really?
    And I like the "red" concrete. Gave a distinct feel of being at Walt Disney World.
    I'm a nostalgic person but I also understand that times change and things need to be adapted to the current, I just don't like some of the things Disney is doing. I really hate that Mainstreet USA backstage is visible going to Tomorrowland. That is something that never would have happened before.

  8. The backstage area, like the miles of construction walls, is only temporary. And there will still be red concrete, only exlusively for the hub, not the whole Hub area as it was before. And there have always been railings everywhere there are railings now...they just aren't poop green anymore. Way to keep up the optimism for Disney's future.

  9. The purpose of the red concrete at the Magic Kingdom is to make other colors stand out (it makes the grass look greener and the sky look bluer) in photos. It was a concept introduced by Kodak I believe.

  10. The new railings are a big improvement and I agree that the old concrete is looking dingy, but the new color is really blah.

  11. I went back and looked at some of my older pictures and lo and behold, there was railings next to the baby center. My bad. I'll take the bar of soap for that mispoken part of my post. However, I am not dashing any optimism for Disney's future DFanwhope. I'm simply being a realist. I don't always eat what they're feeding people. I don't believe they really care about as much for what people think as long as they can milk every cent out of their pocket before they leave. I love Disney, don't get me wrong but I am also one of their toughest critics when it comes to guest experiences. Most of the time people are willing to shell out the money for the memories. I'm a passholder so they don't make that much off me. I know how to navigate the parks and resorts without spending a lot. However, a lot of people don't and Disney will take advantage of that.

    That's all I'm saying. They've changed from Walt's days, as they should because that was a different time. But they've changed a lot in the past 1 years to the point you wonder who can really afford to go there anymore? Plus, I think they're feeling the heat from up the road and Harry Potter. But again, just my opinions.


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