Why The Cat is not spinning

Screamscape posted today this news, explainig why the Cat in the Hat ride doesn't spin anymore.
It's not that they listened to people's complains, it's something different.

Here's the featured article:

According to an insider, my hunch about why Cat In The Hat is no longer spinning is said to be true. Speaking with us only as an anonymous source, they reported that there was a minor incident involving a family with a small child on the ride. At some point in the ride the adults were not paying attention to the child who apparently got a little “scared” and slide down to the car’s floor under the lapbar. Upon approaching the “revolving tunnel” scene, the “couch” began it’s usual spin sequence, which resulted in the child being ejected from the ride car
    If I’m not mistaken, there are warning in place to parents to keep their children seated at all times on this ride, but as expected the family isn’t taking responsibility for their child’s actions. Meanwhile Universal’s ride crew also failed to spot this on the security camera feeds and press an E-Stop as well. Honestly though, I would think it would be very hard to catch something like that on a battery of security monitors while as a parent I keep an eye (or hand) on my younger children on rides at all times to ensure they stay put and aren’t freaking out and trying to jump the ship.
    So for now all spinning has stopped on the ride until Universal Creative and the engineering team come up with a fix to prevent this from happening again. This could involve adding some kind of doors to the sides of the car, or it may involve adding an individual lap bars system like they have on Men In Black, which uses the exact same ride system
    While we don’t know the exact day of the incident, we were supplied with a copy of a work permit from the city to Universal Orlando signed on April 13th, 2010 for a “Backstage Technologies, Inc.” to come work on the “UIOA Cat In The Hat Rotating Room Effect”. So I’ve got to wonder if something was damaged in the incident and quickly repaired. The first report I received about the non-spinning version of the ride was on April 24th, and at that point I was told that it had already not been spinning for more than a week, which fits right into the week the work permit was filed.

What do you think? Who made the mistake? The Team member or the children's family?
Anyway, they are going eithre to change the ride system or to put new doors..


  1. This things makes me Angry!!! (Like Hulk!!!)
    I hate the people that don't follow the indication about their and their child safety.
    In Gardaland, the biggest park in Italy during Halloween period they put some actor inside the Valley of Kings (an Egyptian Dark Ride) to friendly scary the people inside the ride car.
    Unfortunately a fat woman get so much scared that she hit with her mouth the protection bar.
    From that time, for (legal) precaution, they don't put never more the actor inside that ride.
    Why... why don't you read all the safety signs, keeping a right behavior.
    Sometime I think that the Human Been is so stupid!
    If My son fill follow me in an attraction a take care of him in every single moment!!!

  2. Personally, I think the parents are at fault here. Universal posts warnings about what not to do, and the parents weren't paying attention to the child. Sounds like negligence to me, and their defensive nature (not taking responsibility for their child's actions) sounds awfully guilty to me.

  3. Bigfoot!!! I didn't know that!! That's why I have never seen those live actors anymore (inside the King's Valley attraction at Gardaland!) When I saw them, I said that it was a good idea, but then they disappeared....
    Mystery solved! Thanks!!

    And I agree with you Eric...
    Especially young children can go wild inside the attractions...

  4. If this true the sad thing is that not only did their child got hurt, but now everyone else has to endure some type of lesser experience because of that. I hope the kid is alright. All of this compliment of some negligent parents.

    On a funnier note:
    (i hope it isn't too strong)
    Outside in the precaution list it should say something like- "Kids must be watch at all times, or they may go flying"...

  5. To bigfoots: you forgot to say "and you wouldn't like me when i'm angry" Lol.


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