Magic Kingdom News Today

Here you are a new MK update from yesterday!

As usual, Mickey welcomes you to his laughing place:

A new perspective of Magic Kingdom's train station:

The new meet-'n'-greet in Main Street:

General Main Street works:

This looks very good now!:

More works:

No service today, because of partying seniors!:

Grad Nite stuff (yesterday it was the LAST DAY for Grad Nite):

Space Mountain:

Some more Tomorrowland pictures upon request:

Behind the scene:

Grad Nite party spot in Tomorrowland:

The Mega Fantasyland wall:

the pathway is a bit narrow now, so even though yesterday there wasn't a lot of people, it seems like it was packed from this picture:

The Winnie the Pooh tree is now in front of the attraction, as you may already know:

It looks nice here:

Works on Peter Pan's flight:

Some picture from Tom Sawyer's Island:

Nice setting:

I HIGHLY recommend Tom Sawyer Island if you want to relax and get out from the crowds!:

A few (OLD!!) audio-animatronics:

Big Thunder Mountain railroad:

The map of the island:

The Grad Nite banner was already on place:

Time to go away!

And now, some sunset pictures!:

This one's spectacular, in my humble opinion:

Unbelievable, isn't it?

Well, that's it! Any question? Concern? Anything?? Please, comment!

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