News from Busch Gardens Tampa

No, I'm not talking about the new coaster that will come in 2011...
I'm talking about this summer's event at Busch Gardens that will make the park remain open even later from 
June 11 to August 15 (usually until midnight or so.)
Indeed, this year there will be a brand-new show, called 'KINETIX', and will be showed in the Gwazi park.
It will for sure feature fireworks and music.

Here's the show's logo:

But, wait! There's more!
They will make their rides look even better with new light effects and more!!!
It's called the'WILDER RIDES' event.

Here's the logo of it:

Well, many things going on this year!
See you later!  And thanks to BGTNation for the news. For more informations, please visit 
Busch Garden Tampa official website. Thank you.

Oh, I was forgetting that other news may come soon about 'SEAWORLD AFTER DARK', that this year may have something new added, like in Busch Gardens..

Bye once again!

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