Islands of Adventure Update: New Jurassic Park Coaster Dominates the Park's Skyline (PART 1)

After almost three months, we were finally able to return to Universal's Islands of Adventure (of course, we observed ALL the safety guidelines currently in place, and we had an amazing time!). During the park closure, work continues in the future site of the new Jurassic Park roller coaster, which now dominates the skyline of the park. Join us as we take a quick look around this beautiful park.

First of all, we noticed that the park maps are back:

In addition to that, Guests can also pick up a pamphlet highlighting the new safety guidelines:

The crowd level was absolutely perfect:

The chef statue is back, inviting Guests to enjoy a cup of coffee:

Multiple U-Rest areas are available around the park. In these spaces, Guests are allowed to temporarily remove their masks and rest. Of course, it's imperative to continue to observe social distancing while in this area:

The new Jurassic Park roller coaster can be seen from many areas of the park:

Seuss Landing:

The Green Eggs and Ham sign is still missing:

Did we mention that the park was empty?:

Let's take another look at the Jurassic Park roller coaster from Seuss Landing:

The statue located near the entrance of The Lost Continent was repainted just a few days ago:

Moving on:

THIS is how wait times should always be like:

Remember to wash your hands!:

The shop featuring local artists is currently still closed:

Team Members are doing a stellar job interacting with Guests while also keeping them safe:

More roller coaster photos for your enjoyment:


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