Islands of Adventure Update: Work Continues in Jurassic Park, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, & More (PART 1)

There's no denying that we are facing some very problematic times, yet we hope we will be able to allow you to escape reality for a few minutes by inviting you to take a virtual tour of Islands of Adventure to see what's new. As you'll see, the area where the new Jurassic Park roller coaster is currently under construction has changed a lot, while other areas of the park are getting some much-needed attention, including Hogsmeade and Toon Lagoon. Let's begin our tour!

NOTE: The following photos were taken DAYS before the CDC released information pertaining social distancing. We did not visit any theme parks over the past few days as we believe it would have been inconsiderate to do so.

Hand sanitizer dispensers were available in multiple areas of the park:

This area across the lagoon will soon be dominated by a massive roller coaster:

Seuss Landing:

The Green Eggs and Ham sign was still missing:

Hopefully the location will continue to be available to Guests once the parks reopen later this year:

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Here you are a few more photos of the construction zone in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center:

Nothing seems to be happening in the Lost Continent at this time:

Moving on:

Entering Jurassic Park:

Forbidden Journey's new lockers will soon open in this area:

We hope the new structure will be tall enough to hide the show building behind it:

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