SeaWorld Update: New Sesame Street Land Sign, Infinity Falls Issues, and More (PART 1)

Visiting Seaworld Orlando is always a true pleasure. In addition to all its inspiring shows, thrilling rides, and wonderful attractions, the park always offers something new for Guests to experience and features an impeccable, colorful landscaping that beautifully complements its themed environments.

Let's take a look around the park together to immerse ourselves in these themed lands while also checking out what's new.

The area surrounding Manta is wonderful:

It looks like the fence surrounding the roller coaster is being repainted:

You can see the painted fence on the right:

This portion still needs to be refurbished:

The Dolphin Theater recently received a new paint job that includes dolphin imagery:

Key West:

As previously reported, the TurtleTrek wait time sign is gone as the attraction now operates continuously:

The attraction's showbuilding still looks like it needs to be repainted:

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The Sea of Mystery:

Wait times were not too bad:

The Kraken:

The Antarctica sign is still missing. A seasonal version of the sign will be installed soon:

This attraction had the second-longest wait time that day:

The Waterfront:

A new sign advises Guests that the Sky Tower features a $5 fee that goes toward the rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals:

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