SeaWorld Update: New Sesame Street Land Sign, Infinity Falls Issues, and More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. Let's continue our tour of the park by exploring Shark Wreck Reef, the area surrounding Infinity Falls, and the all-new Sesame Street Land:

It looks like one of the kiosks that used to be found in this area was recently removed:

Mako had a 20-minute wait:

Infinity Falls continues to be plagued by technical difficulties. As you can see in the following images, the attraction had just reopened after another downtime, causing a huge line to form in front of the attraction's entrance:

From 0 to 45 in less than a second:

Massive crowds gathered in front of the attraction:

The building housing the ice cream shop/Starbucks was recently repainted:

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New entrance portals were installed in front of the two entrances of the new Sesame Street Land:

Interestingly, based on the placement of these new portals, the Sea Carousel is indeed part of the Sesame Street Land:

Let's take a quick look around this wonderful area of the park:

SeaWorld is definitely still able to create immersive environments:

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