Epcot Update: Getting Ready for the Arrival of Hurricane Dorian (PART 4)

Thank you for joining us for the fourth part of this new Epcot update. We will now continue our tour of the park by walking around World Showcase:

The mountain facade in the Canada pavilion is being refurbished:

The "new" Festival Center:

This is the future home of Cherry Tree Lane and the new Mary Poppins attraction announced during the D23 Expo:

Illuminations was not presented yesterday and will not be presented tonight:

Banners have been zip tied due to the the approaching storm:

The new facade of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure can be seen from the International Gateway bridge:

Notice the Disney Skyliner system behind the Eiffel Tower:

Work continues around International Gateway as the park's secondary entrance gets expanded:

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Back to France:

Some of the light fixtures in this area have been wrapped up to protect them from high winds:

The same was done in Morrocco:

Morocco's Gallery of Arts and History is currently closed for refurbishments:

New trees were planted by the new Takumi-Tei restaurant in Japan:

Getting ready for the storm in Italy and China:

Hopefully the storm will not be too intense.

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