LIVE STREAM: Spaceship Earth Turns Into the Death Star

In just a few moments, Epcot's iconic Spaceship Earth will be transformed to the Death Star in celebration for the upcoming release of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. As previously announced, the transformation is happening one night only (December 5, 2016). While a few Guests will have the opportunity to see this transformation in person as part of a special Disney Parks Blog event, the Walt Disney World Resort will stream the event beginning at 10:25 p.m.

Here's the live stream (don't worry, the video will continue to be available even after the event is over):

In addition to that, the Walt Disney World Resort will release new details in regards to the new Star Wars experience coming soon to Disney's Hollywood Studios. You can find more information below:

  • (10:25 p.m.) - Event begins.
  • (10:27 p.m.) - About 400 people are in attendance.
  • (10:30 p.m.) - Mark Daniel steps on the stage.
  • (10:31 p.m.) - Rogue One trailer shown.
  • (10:34 p.m.) - Michael Roddy (Show Director/Writer of Disney Creative Entertainment) announces addition of Rogue One characters to Star Wars - A Galaxy Far Far Away, the stage show that takes place in the Center Stage area of Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • (10:37 p.m.) - New additions now available in the Star Wars Launch Bay.
  • (10:37 p.m.) - New destination coming to Star Tours in 2017.
  • (10:38 p.m.) - New 7-hour Star Wars tour coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • (10:39 p.m.) - Starting December 16-31, two firework spectaculars (Jingle Bell Jingle Bam and Star Wars - A Galactic Spectacular) will be shown nightly at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • (10:41 p.m.) - Mads Mikkelsen steps on the stage.
  • (10:43 p.m.) - Extra clip from Rogue One is shown.
  • (10:46 p.m.) - New characters from Rogue One get on the stage.
  • (10:47 p.m.) - Spaceship Earth is turned into the Death Star.
  • (10:50 p.m.) - Event ends.

PHOTO: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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