Ninjago Ride Vehicles Installed at LEGOLAND Florida

The sophisticated vehicles that guests will be boarding on the new Ninjago - The Ride recently arrived at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort and are currently being programmed and tested. When Ninjago World debuts on January 12, kids of all ages will also be able to enjoy a completely new outdoor area (called the ninja training camp), a collection of hands-on attractions that will prepare them for the ultimate interactive adventure that awaits them on the new Ninjago - The Ride.

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of the Ninjago ride vehicles mentioned at the beginning of this article:

LEGOLAND's kid reporters Grace and Kade also shared this video that includes an even closer look at the ride vehicles and an overview of the LEGO model that represents the park's new Ninjago land:

Don't forget to check out this post for some behind-the-scenes photos taken inside the new attraction!

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