SeaWorld Parks Introducing the Deep Blue Creative Team

On November 3, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced the formation of Deep Blue Creative, a new team designed to harness and drive innovation and creativity within the company (they could be compared to Disney's Imagineers).
Bringing together talent from both inside and outside the organization, the six divisions of Deep Blue Creative will enhance all aspects of SeaWorld’s business and bring to life innovative new experiences that are fun and meaningful.

“The creation of our Deep Blue Creative team represents an evolution and a fresh, inventive approach to executing our mission of inspiring guests with experiences that matter, “ said Anthony Esparza, Chief Creative Officer for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. “Our global brands have a distinct zoological and conservation focus that isn’t replicated in the industry, and we aim to build on that unique advantage with immersive and interactive experiences for our guests.”

The Deep Blue Creative studio will include dedicated teams to identify and focus on these key priorities:
  1. Theme Park Development, U.S.A. encompasses two teams—Project Management and Guest Experiences—closely collaborating to inspire guests through innovative attractions, culinary experiences and retail environments.
  2. Theme Park Development, Global leads the development of all theme park growth initiatives beyond the company’s existing parks, including international expansion, exploration of new business models, feasibility and site evaluation.
  3. Resort Development is responsible for the business and creative development of resorts and hotels, unique hospitality experiences and land planning.
  4. Events and Entertainment supports all park entertainment teams in staging live experiences for theatrical settings, as well as culinary and retail environments.  This team will explore and develop new event concepts that inspire family traditions and encourage repeat visits from annual pass members and local residents.
  5. Media Enterprises leads the company’s film, television, and music business, maximizing distribution opportunities for our brands.  This team will collaborate with content creators and develop production partnerships.
  6. Expedition X is a team focused on prototype development for innovative project concepts and new technology. This group will harness creative energy from within and outside the company and look for emerging trends and inventive ways to bring guests experiences that explore both real and amazing worlds on land and sea.
Visit to learn more about SeaWorld’s parks and new Deep Blue Creative.

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  1. This is a desperate attempt to save a failing company. Good luck with that.

  2. What a sad ignorant comment. This is Seaworld restructuring as it continues to refocus it's company. Despite its problems, Seaworld is still one of the most amazing parks in Orlando. The changes are for the better and I hope the park succeeds because of it. The company has not deserved half the negative publicity it has received

  3. Kurt, well said! For anonymous above; please go back down to your mom's basement and let those actually trying to make change do their job.

  4. well sadly the SeaWorld of the future is not the SeaWorld I want. I loved it when it was an animal focused company. Now with the crazy Manby as the CEO sadly animals will become less and less and we will get more rides and it will be nothing more than a themed six flags park. Manby was the worst thing to happen to SeaWorld and I think he is peta in disguise. So sad :( I used to stand with and loved SeaWorld so much and would defend them up and down. Sadly no more


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