Islands of Adventure Update: Pteranodon Flyers Change

Only a few changes have happened at Islands of Adventure since the opening of the new Reign of Kong attraction and the reimagined Incredible Hulk Coaster.
While this is to be expected, you can count us among those who truly enjoy seeing new things every time we visit theme parks. Of course, in true Universal style, we were again surprised during our latest visit to Islands of Adventure, as we noticed that a new virtual queuing system is in place at Pteranodon Flyers.

Let's explore other areas of Islands of Adventure before heading to Jurassic Park:


The ice cream shop next to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is still closed:


MARVEL super heroes:


Reign of Kong now offers Express and , on select days, even the Single Rider option:


Walls surround the small Jurassic park-themed kiosk located next to the Reign of Kong area:


As we mentioned earlier, not too long ago, a new system was implemented at Pteranodon Flyers. Guests wanting to ride now have to visit a nearby kiosk and get a ticket that includes a return time:


The kiosk may not be available at all times, as tickets may be distributed ahead of park closing:


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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. This ride should be for adults too! That is Universal Orlandos biggest mistake for this ride! It is a great ride and they should either modify to accommodate two adults or make it like other Universal parks around the world that have four people back to back in a ride vehicle ride! When they did testing for just one adult in each of the two person ride vehicles ine hour before park closing I went on it and found it to be amazing! Truly is a shame I can't ever ride it again though 😞

  2. I love that it's only for kids. I think adults with no kids should stay out of kids playgrounds. The kids are not tall enough for the other rides and making it kids only makes it more special for them. Sadly I don't think a ride in the middle of the playground was designed for adults but almost every other ride at Universal was and has a much higher height requirement

  3. While I wish adults like me can ride this, I agree with the above post. It is cool that it's exclusive for kids.

  4. That is where Universal fails and Disney gets it right. Although Disney has a few attractions that have a height limit, the tallest height requirement for a Disney attraction is 48" for the Rock N' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios, but other than that every other ride is designed so that families can ride together so they do not have to exclude any person. While Universal's attractions are very thrilling and fun, I feel they will never be able to reach the level that Disney is on for that well as other reasons.

  5. The restriction is "one adult per vehicle." They would only be able to get 120 dispatches/hour, so if they allowed all adults to ride, the line would be forever long.

  6. I was at IOA a couple weeks ago with my daughter. She just barely made the cut, and next trip will be too tall to ride Pteranodon Flyers. I think I was even more bummed than she was because that's our favorite ride to do together. Maybe they could make and adult version over in Hogsmeade and it could be Dragon Flyers or something.

  7. I can understand limiting "adult" access but my 11 year old daughter couldn't ride it last year and was devastated - she loved it!


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