New "Secret Life of Pets" Ride Coming to Universal Parks

Earlier today, NBCUniversal Chief Executive Officer Steve Burke revealed some interesting information regarding one of the future project for Universal's parks.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, Burke mentioned that a new ride is in the works for one or more of their theme parks (Universal Studios Hollywood and one of Universal Orlando's parks seem to be the most likely locations). The new attraction would be themed after the upcoming "Secret Life of Pets" movie.

Many theme park fans might have already heard a similar rumor in the past. Indeed, Orlando Informer and Orlando United have been discussing about the possibility of having a Secret Life of Pets dark ride for months. Many rumors also stated that there's a good chance this will be a ride that will feature a large number of Audio-Animatronic figures. That'll be a breath of fresh air for Universal's parks, as the majority of their newest attractions have included a considerable number of screens.

Additional information regarding this and other project may be released tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

IMAGE: © 2016 Universal Studios & Illumination Entertianment. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I heard a rumor that it was going to replace the Shrek 4-D attraction.

  2. Gotta love the bashing of a ride that we know nothing about.

  3. I hope it replaces Shrek 4d, that ride/show is horrible. It's just like Despicable me, but the movie is worse and the seats are louder. I'd much rather get a real ride that doesn't make me want to take an aspirin afterwards.

    I think the "Pets" ride sounds great and will provide Universal with something vastly different than what it already has.

  4. I think it's a great idea and I don't mind that it replaces Shrek4D. I just hope that they keep Shrek in the park somehow.

  5. Could this replace E.T perhaps?

  6. I wouldn't mind if it replaced E.T. too. My grandma could make more realistic animatronics with some leftover yarn and socks.


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