Islands of Adventure Update: Hulk, Reign of Kong, & More

Many of the theme parks in the Orlando area will open multiple new attractions this summer, the majority of these being major additions. Islands of Adventure will definitely be among the parks that will have the best new offerings this year.
While the new Reign of Kong ride is still not open to Guests, The Incredible Hulk Coaster is finally in its testing phase, meaning that we are getting closer to the reopening of this iconic attraction (which will have many great enhancements).

Let's take a look around the park to see all that's new since our last visit:


A new blue net was recently installed under the first drop of The Incredible Hulk Coaster:


Work continues around the building housing the indoor queue:


Sadly, we were not able to catch a glimpse of the new trains:


The new net is quite ugly in our opinion:


Let's move on to the Reign of Kong area:


Walls are still up around this new section of the park:


There's nothing new to see behind the walls this week:


Moving away from the area:


Before we left, we noticed that one of the Jurassic Park kiosks was behind walls:


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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Net is bad. And the kong building just ends on the far right side. How can they be ok leaving that kind of eyesore for such an expensive attraction?

  2. Net is bad. And the kong building just ends on the far right side. How can they be ok leaving that kind of eyesore for such an expensive attraction?

  3. Have you ever been in the extended queue for any of the Potter rides? They were better on Gringots, but it's pretty bad on FJ.

  4. I wonder if that net is maybe for testing only - it looks so 'cheap' and the ride looks so nice! 😜 Kong is looking great! 👍

  5. I think the net looks temporary, for starters its far too messy, it looks like a patchwork, and also it looks too loose. Nets like these are usually pulled fairly tight, with a bit of give in them to allow for dropped items. This net looks like its blowing around in the wind a lot, and could end up losing any items it caught if there were strong gusts.

  6. Surely that net must be temporary !

    Other than that it looks AMAZING!

  7. heres a video of them testing after closing time, toward the end of the video you get better views of the trains

  8. also, the net should be temp, as they use weighted stuff, usually water filled dummies, simulating average weights and sizes of passengers, as well as electronic equipment, such as accelerometers and force meters, while running trains. they set these nets up incase anything falls off as the speeds arnt dialed in yet, so there might not be enough g force to hold stuff in the seats, or to much g force launching things out. 3 to 5 miles an hour makes a huge difference when talking about being glued to the seat or being thrown out

  9. If they go back to metal detectors and checking pockets before you enter the queue, there will be no need for the net so I think it must be temporary

  10. Net is likely just for testing, which they are running at nights.

  11. I don't knoooOOowwwww... I think those nets are permanent. I thought the new track wouldn't go over the pedestrian bridge, but it does. They need those ugly nets in order to get rid of the metal detectors and asking EVERYONE to put all belongings in a locker. It's the Tree Of Life all over again because a branch fell on someone. They're blue to blend 8n with the sky, they are so UGLY! /:

  12. The nets do look pretty flimsy. I also think they are there for testing. There is always someone who tries to sneak their phone on, and this might prevent someone down below from getting hurt. Once the tracks have been tested with the new cars, the net should disappear. But, if there is a problem, the eyesore will probably stay. Better to be safe, then a child getting knock on the head with a phone.

  13. @Century III

    "It's the Tree Of Life all over again because a branch fell on someone."

    It didn't fall on anyone. Stop lying.

  14. will be there in 3 weeks, any view if either Hulk or Kong would be open by that time?

  15. The nets should have been green but the net is a necessity because some people are too dumb to take off glasses, things out of their pockets and take off jewelry