Preferred Parking Now Available at Hollywood Studios

As you might remember, the Walt Disney World Resort recently began testing an additional parking option for Guests to choose at their convenience at Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Starting from this week, this new parking option will also be available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This new preferred parking enables Guests to park closer to the main entrances of Walt Disney World's four theme parks for an additional $15.

Guests who receive complimentary parking, such as some Walt Disney World annual passholders, resort Guests, or Cast Members, will also have the options to choose preferred parking for $15 per day. 

Preferred parking lots are located in the following areas (parking spaces are subject to availability):
  • At Magic Kingdom, Guests will park in the Jafar lot.
  • At Epcot, Guests will park in the Amaze lot.
  • At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Guests will park in the Stage lot.
  • At Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Guests will park in the Peacock lot.
This test is scheduled to continue based on Guest interest, and may be ended without notice.


  1. *Permanent eye-roll*

  2. Thank You Bob Iger. Its what I always wanted to pay $35 to park for 1/2 a park.

  3. Nobody's forcing you to
    1) pay for preferred parking
    2) go to WDW

    End your self inflicted suffering and quit going.

  4. "Nobody's forcing you to
    1) pay for preferred parking
    2) go to WDW"

    Nobody's forcing you to comment on other posts either.

  5. Is Jafar a good place to park? Isn't that far from the park? Where is Stage at DHS?

  6. So, essentially, they'll have this section of the parking lot un-used and a bunch of people will have to park one lot farther.

  7. I comment voluntarily, yes. This is why its called a 'comment section' and that's how 'discussion forums' operate. There is a general give and take of opinion, snark, etc, and then someone comes along and says "if you don't like his comment don't comment" LOL Yeah man, ok.

    I'll end my suffering though since you are so concerned, and I shall not visit this wonderful site anymore.

    Have a magical day!

  8. So many stupid people in these comments, I will 100% pay $15 for less walking