Universal Studios Update: Construction Progress (PART 2)

Welcome to our newest universal Studios photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers. PART 1 of this update can be found by clicking on this link.
In the previous part, we took a look around the entrance of the park, including the area surrounding the new Hello Kitty store, the Despicable Me-themed ride, and the future Race Through New York attraction. There are still plenty of new things to see around this wonderful theme park, so let's continue our tour.

Moving on to other areas of the park:

Fast & Furious - Supercharged:

Not a lot can be seen from Guest areas now:

A huge, new building will soon start to take shape in this same area:

Heavy work equipment can be seen from the other side of the temporary walls:

The former entrance of Disaster!:

This year's Grad Bash photo-op looks much simpler than what was present in the past few years:

The London Waterfront:

World Expo:

Work on the new Coca-Cola kiosk continues between M.I.B. Alien Attack and The Simpsons Ride:

The showbuilding of The Simpsons Ride still looks very faded:

The Catch-A-Fish game was not open during our visit:

Fast Food Boulevard:

We miss the shortcut that connected the KidZone to the Garden of Allah area:

A few more pictures of the area:

Another Grad Bash photo-op has been installed near Mel's Drive-In:

The rest of Hollywood Boulevard:

It's time to head home:

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