Universal Studios Update: Construction Progress (PART 1)

Two new attractions will officially open at Universal Studios Florida next year, adding even more rides to the already extensive number of park offerings.
In this photo-report, you will notice that work on the new Race Through New York ride is proceeding very quickly, while a lot of progress is also being made in the future site of the Fast & Furious - Supercharged attraction. Additionally, the new Coca-Cola kiosk continues to take shape in World Expo. Let's take a look.

Welcome to Universal Studios:

A new Universal Studios globe has been installed above the entrance of the Betty Boop-themed store:

It's a nice addition:

A new Hello Kitty statue was recently installed next to the entrance of the Hello Kitty store:

It's a new photo-op that should catch the attention of some Guests walking by:

A new awning has also been installed nearby:

The face of Hello Kitty is now visible above the awning:

A second photo-op was installed just around the corner:

Walls have gone up next to the extended queue of Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem:

Guests heading to CityWalk now have to use a Team Member walkway:

A secondary exit pathway goes through the queue of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit:

It's time to check out the future Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon:

More pieces that will be part of the new facade have been installed:

The front of the building:

Notice that the new facade continues to grow:

This will be the entrance of the new attraction:

A wider view of the new facade:

The New York skyline is still being refurbished:


  1. I am guessing the entrance will be themed like the theatre that his show is filmed in now

  2. Was really hoping for a more impressive New York theme, doing away with that fake soundstage look and moving more towards what they did with London.
    It just looks cheap, you know?
    (It looks like what Disney would do, now a days :/)

  3. Universal like to reuse the buildings as much as possible that's why they still kept the front of the earthquake building. Even the ghostbusters frontage is still there 26 years later

  4. @Andy:
    They are reusing the Twister building because it requires certain permits to tear down a building, and more to build a new building. It's easier just to gut the current one and use it. Also, the coaster tracks would make things difficult as well.

  5. Along with the extra permits to take down/ build a new building, there are plenty of new building codes they would need to meet with a new building. With that said, I agree it would look better with a fully-themed facade, which still could be the case considering we're just seeing the backbones now. Think of how they painted the back-drop to Skull Island with the mountains and trees.

  6. Maybe they can do a recreation of some of the back streets of Philly's China Town. Smells and all. That would be different. But anyway, will these new New York streets offer people urinating in public? That's allowed in the Big NYC now.. Yeah, I want to go to Orlando and become immersed in THAT wonderful environment

  7. NYC offers masturbation in public - GuyFi. Urinating in public is in CA. And, no..neither is going to happen in Orlando!

  8. I wonder what happens if Fallon decides he wants to leave The Tonight Show.

    Also I bet in part of it he flys over Donald Trump and Trump's toupee blows off