Hollywood Studios Update: Expansion Finally Starts (Part 3)

Welcome to the third (and final) part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Click on this link to go back to check out PART 2 of this update.
In the past two parts, we took a look around the first half of the park. Now, let's head to Mickey Avenue (which was recently absorbed by the nearby Animation Courtyard), Pixar Place, Sunset Boulevard, and more. We hope you will enjoy the rest of the photos included in this virtual tour of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Walls are now surrounding a small area located next to Walt Disney - One Man's Dream:

Disney is really pushing the new Jungle Book movie:

Another temporary sign:

A preview of The Jungle Book movie recently replaced the Zootopia preview:

We found this to be the movie preview that fits best with the theme of the Walt Disney exhibit:

The introduction to the movie preview mentions Walt Disney a lot:

Entering Pixar Studios:

The extended queue of Toy Story Mania has gone wild:

Stanchions were recently installed on the walkway located next to Stage 1:

Renderings of the new Toy Story Land can now be seen on the temporary walls installed in the area:

Animation Courtyard and the Star Wars Launch Bay:

Sunset Boulevard:

Legends of Hollywood now sells Star Wars merchandise. Frozen has left the shop:

The wiring for the faux trolley system is still missing:

The Sunset Ranch area now has more new coverings:

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  1. Poor Muppets... their part of the park now looks like "Disney's Neglected Inner-City Adventure." Those pictures in Part 2 seriously made me think of Detroit, Gary, Indiana, 1970s NYC, etc. What a mess.

    But I honestly do believe it will be stunning when finished. I hope they complete things as quickly as possible.


  2. Nice pictures, OTPN! It's realy good to be inside the park. Do you know if there is a date forecast for the inauguration of the new islands?

  3. So What happened to One Man's Dream film is on hiatus right now?

  4. @anonymous At least they actually kept this area! It seems that they're going out of their way to keep it intact while everything around it is changing.

  5. My biggest gripe with Disney lately is how slow they are to build things yet close things so quickly. At the rate of speed Disney builds, we won't be seeing Toy Story until at least 2019 but I am leaning towards 2020. Star Wars will be even later at 2021 or 2022. It just boggles my mind that Disney, with all their money, can't build things as quickly as Universal does.

    I mean, the backlot tour closed in 2014 and parts of the it are still standing to this day. Universal closed Disaster right before Horror Nights and kept the building in place for the house built in the queue. However, the inside of the building started demo the day after it closed. A few weeks after Beetlejuice closed, the whole location was rumble except for a few tough spots. When Twister closed, gutting of the building started the following day. The fact that basic facade buildings that made up Streets of America are still standing is a joke. That whole area could still be open because it looks like all they have done is put up walls. My guess is Streets will still be standing by the end of this summer.

    Also the Toy Story land cutbacks have already started with the removal of nearly all the rock work under the coaster that was in the first concept art. Now we just have flat land. Scared to see what Star Wars is going to look like. Starting to feel like the only company that can create amazing, insanely themed locations based off of movies is Universal now because Disney seems to have lost their touch which kills me to say because I used to think Disney could not be beat. Then I walked into Diagon Alley and my jaw hit the floor, tears formed in my eyes as I walked into the most highly themed location I think the Orlando area will ever see!

  6. So far I'm pretty fine with all the closed attractions and slow progress.
    What I'm not fine with is the fact that Disney hasn't reflected the price in anyway and is still charging the same amount as they did when the park was fully open and not a sea of walls.

    But I suppose they have to cover Shanghai's costs somehow.
    Amazing how they can build an entire theme park in almost as much time as they'll build a land over here.

  7. Cedar Point and other parks can get a massive roller coaster built over the course of one off-season (6-7 months). So, Toy Story Land should be open by this time next year, right?

    I understand that Star Wars Land is far more elaborate and will take longer.

    I think plummeting attendance is the only thing that will speed-up construction.

  8. With Star Wars land and Toy Story Land not opening any time soon.

    Hollywood studios seems barely worth visiting, with so much closed and now torn down.

    Though I am sure it will be worth the wait.

  9. Wow. Definitely not a good time to go unless you live nearby and go all the time anyway.

  10. "Cedar Point and other parks can get a massive roller coaster built over the course of one off-season (6-7 months). So, Toy Story Land should be open by this time next year, right?"

    Apples and jackfruit. It's much easier to build something when the surrounding area is closed and devoid of guests.

  11. Bitter-cold, snowy, windy Ohio winter vs. lovely, predictable Florida winter/spring/summer/fall. The construction advantage goes to Florida.

    Get the new lands built quickly.

    What's a jackfruit?

  12. The Streets of America are closed and devoid of guests. The area behind Toy Story Mania is also devoid of guests. Catastrophe Canyon is closed, leveled, and devoid of guests.

  13. Jackfruit is popular in tropical regions, and is the official fruit of Bangladesh. (Thanks Wikipedia!)
    That Toy Story coaster looks like it will be a pretty neat ride. Everyone noticed a somewhat simplified layout in the updated concept art. Maybe this isn't just to save money, but to open it (and the surrounding land) sooner. At any rate, I'm excited to watch the construction progress, as new attractions at the other parks begin to debut.

  14. The park is now relying on Star Wars everything. The Launch Bay, Path of the Jedi, Fireworks, etc. I'm local and went down the other night. I have to say, the fireworks were impressive, but that's all they've got. Toy Story-120 minute wait, Tower of Terror-45 minute wait, Rock N Rollercoaster-90 minute wait. Star Tours and Muppets were a walk on, no wait.

  15. I love cedar point. And yes, they often build entire things in one off season. But there are 2 points to consider. 1) much of the pre contruction occures and is hidden from view. Attractions close and are removed in the off season, sometimes several years before the new coaster is built. No one knows why an attraction is closed, and is removed, until after the new one appears. 2) Cedar point tosses up a bunch of steel. Nothing fancy. Sure they are HUGE!!! but their idea of themeing is a coat of paint. No comparison the the amount of work it takes to get a Disney quality experience built.

    Second point.... "already cut backs in Toys Story Land" is more than a bit misguided. The "artist renderings" are just that artistic. The first ones were based on concept, the second one was more based on reality. They are not intended to show final product, just concepts. So there has been some themeing tweaks. I would hardly call those cut backs. The original artist most likely over dramatized the theme. When key elements disapear... like the coaster goes away, then you have cut backs.

  16. Here now. Having a wonderful time. Could care less about how they do it at other places.
    All you construction and biz experts must be billionaires, what with your highly advanced knowledge, expertise, and such. Kind of wonder why you bother to spend so much time bashing Disney's way, as it's so inferior to your own. Must be what the know it all idle rich do for fun

    Ps: let us know when YOUR theme park is built do we can stop by and experience its superiority!

    Gotta go now, carbo loading for the race weekend here at the Crystal Palace pasta boofay, and Pooh's at our table trying to take my phone!

  17. I intentionally picked an uncommon fruit to illustrate the vast differences in these situations. They both involve building rides, which is why I stuck with fruit.

    Apples and oranges would be the differences between construction at Disney and at Universal. Other folks described why you can't place Cedar Park construction timetables on Disney. Hence, the jackfruit.

  18. Pooh truly understands what's important to a happy life!

  19. 3 Pooh's a day is very healthy, right? Lol