For years, we have been waiting for something to happen at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This once-neglected theme park is finally receiving the help it needs.
In the past few days, a very large portion of the park (the Streets of America, including the Premiere Theater; Lights, Motors, Action!; a large play area, some character greeting locations; and more) to make way for the 14-acre Star Wars Land. Let's take a look around the park together to see how much has changed.

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Walls are still up around the Center Stage area of the park:

It looks like new, permanent tech booths are in the process of being installed in this area:

A new stage was also recently installed for the new Star Wars-themed show:

The main screen that serves as a backdrop during the show retracts when it's not in use:

Walls now surround also the front of the building housing The Great Movie Ride:

The new fireworks show will include projections on this surface:

Let's ride The Great Movie Ride now:

The one difference we noticed this time is a new, themed railing in the Egyptian-themed room:

The unthemed safety railing has finally been replaced:

It's now time to move on to Echo Lake:

It appears that one of the stuntmen got hurt performing during the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular when we were visiting. We are glad to hear that the stuntmen is doing much better now:

Work continues to be done on the new Olaf character greeting location:

A smaller planter has replaced the much larger planter that used to be next to Star Tours:

A permanent light pole for the Jedi Training show has been installed next to the Backlot Express:

The outdoor queue of Star Tours has been extended again into the old FASTPASS distribution area:

Temporary signs direct people to areas of the park that are still open:

Here is the newly-renamed Muppets Courtyard:

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