The Incredible Hulk Coaster Track Installation Completed

One of the most iconic theme park rides ever created is finally back. While we'll have to wait a few more months until The Incredible Hulk Coaster reopens to Guests at Islands of Adventure, crews have worked hard day and night to install the last track pieces of this massive attraction. As of today, it appears that the entirety of the new track is finally in place, even though more work is still being done around the footers and the indoor queue. Let's take a look around.

The skyline of Marvel Superhero Island has been restored:

The full cobra roll, in all its awesomeness:

The launch tunnel, drop, and first loop:

The back portion of the ride:

As we stated at the beginning, work continues to be done around the queue area:

The back portion of the coaster:

Some thematic elements should be installed soon near the end of the tunnel, which has been repainted:

The first drop looks even more intimidating now... Maybe it's because it has been missing for months:

The lagoon side of the coaster:

The coaster seen from the heart of Marvel Superhero Island:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. In your opinion why did they completely rebuild it? Was it for safety reasons? Will there be any backdrops added to give it more of a themed ride? Thanks!
    Btw your blog is top notch!

  2. I wonder if the Disney lawyers forced the rebuild as that's about all that that can do to Universal.

    They will never get the theme park rights back which is great for marvel fans because they have done NOTHING with the world wide rights and the Disneyland rights to marvel the past 8 years

  3. Is there any chance we can see a few comparison pictures from pre-demolition to new build. To my untrained eye I cannot spot anything that's new and the rise just looks the same. If the track needed rerailing then that's fair enough but I'm pretty sure it was to upgrade the experience ??


  4. Nothing new yet. It was really rough and needed the rebuild just like Space Mountain and Big Thunder got complete rebuilds recently. There's a chance that the new trains could be floorless which would add a new element to the ride. Most likely it will just be some new theming in the queue though.

  5. I haven't heard anything about becoming floorless. That would be awesome!

  6. Any suggestions on when it might re-open ? If the track is up surely its just a case of testing the cars and we're good to go.

    I'm visiting 15/16 May and would love to go on it again.