Hollywood Studios: Catastrophe Canyon Demolition Photos

After sitting idle for more than a year, some portions of the former Studio Backlot Tour are finally being demolished or removed at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
One of the key components of the attraction was "Catastrophe Canyon," a large movie set that involved plenty of special effects, including fire, water, and even a faux earthquake. That large construction (which was mostly rockwork) is now almost completely demolished to make way for multiple new themed lands.

Take a quick look at the current status of Catastrophe Canyon (photos taken from the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show stadium, which is located right in front of the former studio tour attraction):

Most of the rockwork is completely gone:

This is all that's left of the former motion platform that simulated the earthquake:

A side view of the canyon:

Walt Disney's plane is still intact near the construction zone:

Feeling nostalgic? Then check out some videos of the last day of operation of the Studio Backlot Tour!

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Nice update guys!

    Great vantage point.

  2. Well, that was depressing

  3. Too bad Disney can't construct new rides as fast as they can rip down old ones!

  4. So does this mean they won't be incorporating this in Carslandia?

    Yes. Yes it does. It was a rhetorical question.

  5. I wonder where the plane will go.

    And ignore the trolls.

  6. 18 months after closing, they finally get around to taking it down

    seems quick for disney