Reign of Kong Update: A Peek at the Lighting Package

Yesterday evening, the online theme park fan community was incredibly excited to see some photos of the great lighting package that will enhance even further the mysterious tone of the new Reign of Kong area at Islands of Adventure.
While the facade of this new attraction is already very impressive during the day, the subdued lighting and the dark skies (with a beautiful full moon, too!) certainly make this entire area even more intriguing. Let's now explore it together...

We will begin by taking a look around the area during the day to see more details:

The themed backdrop looks great surrounded by all the new plants and trees:

A cherry picker was being used in the area yesterday afternoon (you will see later why):

The large King Kong arch now has a "moldy" appearance:

The final result is truly great:

Let's take a look behind the walls:

The outdoor kiosk is taking shape:

The main attraction sign:

A few more photos of the rest of the area:

Let's now take a look at the area from above:

A few hours later, this happened:

Some of the lights on the facade were turned on:

The eyes and mouths embedded into the facades looked even more menacing:

A view of the area from the ground:

The cherry picker mentioned at the beginning was being used to illuminate the area:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer. 

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