Epcot Photo-Update: What's New Around World Showcase

Epcot's World Showcase is truly one of the most inspiring and amazing themed areas ever created. While Future World is currently going through a very difficult time (many pavilions are either empty or in need of an update), World Showcase continues to be very popular among Guests, even though the area still needs a lot more attractions. While we wait for those to be added, lets take a look around and see what is currently being done around this area of Epcot.

First of all,

The Mill Stage (located in Canada) was restored to its original state a few months ago:

The United Kingdom:

The American Adventure:



Work on one of the gardens that will be open as part of the Flower & Garden Festival continues:

The Chinese temple is currently behind tarps:

The back of the building:

More work is also being done on a nearby structure:

Work on the new Frozen Ever After attraction continues:

Notice that there's now a bigger opening on the outer wall of the building:

These temporary barricades should be removed in the next few months. Originally, the attraction was actually expected to soft-open to Epcot Guests in December 2015, just before the closure of Soarin':

The new Frozen character greeting location (the Royal Sommerhaus) continues to take shape nearby:

New rockwork is being built behind the cottage:

We'll conclude with Mexico:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. The statues on the Via Napoli facade are still gone? Whats going on with that? Refurb?

  2. What's new? Other than frozen, nothing. No love for EPCOT..

  3. New is great, but not always welcome. Do you think they would spend any money on world showcase, and not do more things in line with the Frozen ride?! If that is the case, then I hope they step carefully. World showcase could use some minor love, but of all of the areas at WDW, it is seemingly the best just eh way it is, and is mostly timeless.

    Some minor tweaks, new film in Canada, etc, but short of injecting characters, what do we want done?

  4. would love to see just more content from each country. right now it's some shops, a restaurant and a movie. Don't get me wrong I love the showcase but it would be great to have more going on. how about a gondola ride in Italy or finish the African pavilion or what about the German attraction that never got any traction. I know the ship has sailed on all this stuff but I just don't want it to go the way of future world. if nothing else just update. The American adventure movie is six different forms of awful all rolled into one. let modernize some.


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