Disney Springs Update: Town Center Expanding (PART 1)

We have to admit that we underestimated the extent of this massive, multi-year Disney Springs expansion project in the past. What we thought was going to be a refresh of this entertainment district is undoubtedly getting much more exciting thanks to the new themed neighborhoods, food and beverage offerings, and all the other additions that continue to be added. The photos included in this update should give you a slightly clearer idea about the amount of work being done.

Welcome to Disney Springs:

The exterior of Once Upon a Toy has changed a lot in the past few weeks:

Part of the building is now blue, and the Genie coming out of the chimney is gone:

Walking around the Marketplace:

Let's explore the World of Disney Store:

The old Pirates of the Caribbean area has been replaced by a more contemporary (and realistic) theme:

The shop was recently expanded towards the back:

Many of the store's aisles feel much more open and less cramped:

As a side note, the clock that was stuck in Tick-Tock's mouth has been saved:

Continuing our tour of the Marketplace:

This kiosk seems new:

Some of the buildings in the Town Center are visible from many areas within Disney Springs:

Work continues to be done around the lagoon:

Fulton's Crab House will soon close for a long refurbishment project:

Let's now take a peek above the walls and see what the Town Center has in store:

New kiosks are being built near the springs:

It looks like the Town Center will be the most beautiful area of Disney Springs:

Back on the ground:

The light fixtures around The Landing and the Town Center are great:

Let's take another peek above the walls:

The Landing:

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