Universal Orlando Offering Volunteer Vacation Package

As shared a few weeks ago on the official blog of the Universal Orlando Resort, visitors wanting to visit the area's theme parks may not be aware of the fact that, during their vacation, they are able to give back to the community by devoting some of their time to volunteer at the wonderful Give Kids The World Village.
While Guests undoubtedly look forward to come to Orlando to relax and enjoy the attractions, volunteering even for just a few hours will make a big difference.

Give Kids The World Village is a nonprofit “storybook” resort that immerses children with life-threatening conditions and their families in joy, hope, laughter, and fun at Central Florida’s world-class attractions.

With this vacation, Guests will be able to spend two full days at Universal Orlando’s two theme parks and one day making dreams come true for children battling life-threatening illnesses. At Give Kids The World Village, kids come face-to-face with their favorite storybook characters, receive makeovers and face paintings, enjoy special ice cream parties, and more.

With each package booked, Universal Orlando will donate $100 to Give Kids The World Village. If you’re interested in turning your next vacation into something more, book a Volunteer Vacation Package.

PHOTO: © 2015 Universal Orlando Resort/Give Kids The World Village. All rights reserved.


  1. Greta idea, Everyone should do it who is there

  2. I never understood the idea of paying per person per night for a room. I remember as a child having a family of 10 sleeping in on room so we could afford our trips. Now as an adult it annoys me to see that.

    That being said, i love see how univereal and disney both do stuff for their guest who put in the effort to help the world.