Magic Kingdom Update: Cast Previews at Skipper Canteen

Since all the expanded sections Magic Kingdom's central hub are now open to Guests, some may think that nothing is currently being done inside the world's busiest theme park. That would be a wrong assumption, as there are still a few minor projects taking place there, including putting the finishing touches on the castle ramps, completing Cast Member previews of the new Skipper Canteen, finishing the rehab of the Castle Couture's facade, and more. Take a look.

The monorail was down, so Guests have to take the ferry during certain times of the day:

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

The hub:

The ramp on the left side of the castle is open, even though the new railings haven't been installed yet:

The ramp on the right side of the castle is closed:

Notice the new railings:

There is also a very elegant, new lamppost near one of the four new castle towers:

Even though the new Skipper Canteen is already testing, work continues to be done around the area:

Walls are still up around the entire building:

From above, you can see that some invited Guests (Cast Members) are previewing the new venue:

Today was another really busy day at the park:

Moving on to Frontierland:

Even just walking can be an "adventure" in certain areas of the park:

A section of the facade of Country Bear Jamboree is still being refurbished:


The majority of the facade of the Castle Couture facade is still behind tarps:

Half of the facade is now tarp-free:

It's time to head home...

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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