Club Disney Opens at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Photos

One of the newest additions to open at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the past few days was the new Sunset Showcase, a flex theater that will house multiple special offerings (including separately-priced events) throughout the year.
At this time, all  park Guests are invited to check out the new venue and enjoy a dance party called Club Disney. What makes this offering different from other Disney dance parties is the use of four overhead screens displaying movie clips.

In addition to that, young Guests can also play with interactive screens on either side of the flex theater, virtually painting using their own hands. Families can also relax (despite the loud music playing around them) in the multiple seating areas located all around the dance floor. Two of these seating areas also include charging docks for smartphones and tablets. And that's not all. Take a quick look around:

Before even getting to the actual theater, Guests will see a few signs advertising the brand-new venue:

The double gates next to Rock N' Roller Coaster have been opened. A second set of gates can be seen:

The exterior of the theater does not look to elaborate; instead, it has a simple yet modern appearance:

New palm trees have been planted on both sides of the large plaza located in front of the new venue:

The Sunset Showcase sign:

Let's take a peek inside the building now:

The screens actually add a lot of energy:

Notice the seating areas mentioned at the beginning of this article:

Here's a short video taken inside the venue:

Minimal theming can be found in some areas of the theater, including these light-up "cans":

Two food & beverage kiosks can be found on either side of the stage:

A DJ entertains Guests on the stage by playing contemporary music and more:

One last look at the dance floor:

Exiting the theater, Guests will be able to enjoy this unusual view of the Hollywood Tower Hotel:

This offering is currently available every day, from 10 a.m. until park close:

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  1. Not interested, but if I had grandkids I'm sure I'd fake it!

    What I like is how the new pavement and overall nice clean look around the outside clashes with my memories of trodding through that formally backstage area as both a spectator and racer in the ToT 10 miler.

    Kind of like driving over to the MK parking now and not quite being able to visualize the race track being there just months ago!

    The mind is tricky grrr

  2. I would only go here to check out the view of the tower

  3. Nice place out of the sun for kids to blow off some steam while older kids ride ToT and RRC. Nice.

  4. This may just be the cheapest, poorly placed "attraction" Disney has ever done. This is practically "90's Universal" quality.
    Sure it is never bad to add, but this sets a new low for effort at any Disney park. It's like they took the The Move It! Shake It! parade and place it inside.

  5. I think some people are missing the point. Its a people eater, and it is more properly called a flex theatre (as it was during construction) this is a space that is mostly just a space. It can be anything at any time, for any one, as needed.

    The current offering seems kinda flat, but it will help give them options to keep the park interesting during the construction. I don't want them spending 10% of the Star Wars land budget just to build a temporary theatre... or a permanent theatre for temporary events.

  6. I am pretty sure they built this theater because of all the cheer and performing arts competitions they have booked the next few years would not have a home because of the construction if they did not build a place for them.