Reign of Kong Update: The Massive Gates Will Open Soon

The future Reign of Kong themed area continue to take shape at a steady pace at Islands of Adventure. While we have seen a lot of progress being done in the past three months, the majority of the work being done in the area is currently taking place inside the structure hiding behind the massive themed facade.
Come along with us and take a look around, as there is still plenty to see around King Kong's brand-new land. We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour.

As you can see, the new gates are wide open now:

The impressive facade is truly a sight to behold:

The rest of the facade also includes plenty of great details:

The queue's awnings continue to take shape:

The menacing, King Kong-shaped entrance has still not been painted:

A quick look behind the walls:

A look at the area from above:

The secondary doors that will open to reveal the indoor portion of the ride:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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