Disney's Animal Kingdom Refurbishments Beginning Jan. 4

Guests planning on visiting the Walt Disney World Resort early next year should keep in mind that, beginning from January 4, 2016, select rides, attractions, and stores found at Disney's Animal Kingdom will close for refurbishment, including Maharajah Jungle Trek, Kali River Rapids (both located in the Asia themed area of the park), and the Disney Outfitters shop (located on Discovery Island).
Continue reading to learn more about these upcoming refurbishment projects.

Here is a tentative schedule that includes the expected duration of these temporary closures:
  • The Maharajah Jungle Trek is scheduled to return to operation on January 21, 2016;
  • Kali River Rapids is expected to return to operation in mid-February;
  • Disney Outfitters is currently scheduled to reopen to Guests in mid-March.
During the refurbishment of Disney Outfitters, Riverside Depot will be open. All the Wilderness Explorers badges typically earned within Maharajah Jungle Trek will continue to be available outside the location.

Be sure to continue to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News for more updates and advisories.


  1. Alas, still no rehab for the Yeti.

  2. Some are speculating that the Yeti might gets its much needed love when Pandora gets going.

    Personally I'd like to see Kali replaced with something dry. Disney has two water parks, there is no need for a super soaker in AK or anywhere outside of those dedicated water parks.

  3. Hey guys! I was wondering why you haven't said anything about the Orlando Eye Swings being approved? While on the topic, the Sea World observation tower got stuck today for 3 hours. Isn't that Orlando Park News? Signed, just curious.

  4. I have no problem with what gets mentioned or not here. It's free.

    You should start your own website and then you can be sure to report everything you want.

  5. I have no problem either what gets mentioned, I think OTPN does a great job! You guys are my favorite website about Central Florida theme parks, I check it out multiple times a day. Yesterday, when I heard about Sea World's tower, OTPN is exactly the first place I checked out to read about it, but to no avail. Maybe that's not the type of news they report on?

  6. @3RD Anonymous: I definitely understand your point, so I'll try to answer your questions.

    Regarding SeaWorld, very rarely do we report of attraction downtimes, unless it includes Guests getting hurt. Rides go down many times every week, some of them even include evacuations (such as in this case). We don't report these things because we don't want to sensationalize the event. Rides go down all the time, and even though this event might have looked more important, we still don't see it as being a major news.

    In the case of the new StarFlyer at Vue at 360, we have still not received enough information to post an article about it. We have not even been able to find a media site for the new Vue at 360. When the developer release more information, you can be sure that we will post an article here on the site.

    I hope this answers your questions!

  7. @Last 2 Anonymous: Thank you very much for your support! We really appreciate that!


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