Islands of Adventure Update: Hulk, Kong, and More (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our latest Islands of Adventure photo-update. If you haven't already done so, we also invite you to check out PART 1.
Previously, we took a look around the entrance of the park, Marvel Superhero Island (including The Incredible Hulk Coaster), and Toon Lagoon. Now we will continue to walk around the park to check out the Reign of Kong themed area and to see what else is new or what has changed in the past few days.

King Kong lurks around this place:

A closer look:

Notice the nets and the two large doors in front of the facade:

The attraction's entrance still needs to be painted:

The side of the castle-like walls have been partially painted:

Let's take a peek behind the walls:

Leaving the area:

Scientists were engaging on conversation with Guests near the Spinosaurus photo-op:

In The Lost Continent, we noticed that the parts of the Court of Miracles' gate have been repainted:

Another wait time board:

Seuss Landing:

It's time to go back home:

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