Islands of Adventure Update: Hulk, Kong, and More (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our latest Islands of Adventure photo-update. If you haven't already done so, we also invite you to check out PART 1.
Previously, we took a look around the entrance of the park, Marvel Superhero Island (including The Incredible Hulk Coaster), and Toon Lagoon. Now we will continue to walk around the park to check out the Reign of Kong themed area and to see what else is new or what has changed in the past few days.

King Kong lurks around this place:

A closer look:

Notice the nets and the two large doors in front of the facade:

The attraction's entrance still needs to be painted:

The side of the castle-like walls have been partially painted:

Let's take a peek behind the walls:

Leaving the area:

Scientists were engaging on conversation with Guests near the Spinosaurus photo-op:

In The Lost Continent, we noticed that the parts of the Court of Miracles' gate have been repainted:

Another wait time board:

Seuss Landing:

It's time to go back home:

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  1. I don't understand why the wait time list isn't themed to the islands. Seems out of place.

  2. @Migual: They are themed to the Islands of Adventure theme, since they cover the entire park's attractions, and not just that area. If they took your suggestion, people would type "why is the wait time list themed to Harry Potter when it shows times for Spider-man?"

  3. There is a great deal at these 2 parks that is out of place. They're not really themed parks, the place is a collection of rides and attractions scarttered about, with little to connect them but constant rock music.

    But the rides are what people are coming for, so it's a successful operation. Just don't be so detail orientated and enjoy your day.

  4. @anon number 1 you make a good point. Never thought about it like that. Still think some kind of theme should be used in each island.

    @anon2 in love both park and think you are just trolling. They are in fact theme parks and people go for the experience. I love the rides but without the story the parks won't be worth our time.

  5. Not trolling at all. What story?? What experience?
    When I walk from the entrance of the studio side all the way around to Diagon Alley and hear the same genre of music (rock) as if it's coming right from the FM dial, and later walking the loop over in 'islands of adventure" (no islands btw) and here the same music, yeah - great story and experience.

    The operation is successful, growing, has a large fan base. There are some good rides, a couple of solid attractions, and I can go out to the mall, er City Walk, and eat and shop. Heck, most of the time you're walking on a 'make believe' modern city street. Exciting huh!

    Be happy in your delusion! I am, apparently, in mine!

  6. Anon above, It's funny because walking through Diagon Alley I heard the Harry Potter music which always somehow drew my attention to the incredibly detailed theming of the whole place... If you're Harry Potter fan you can seriously appreciate the attention to detail in this area of the park as well as Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure. The only part of the parks I don't find too themed is the Men in Black part and I think that's because there isn't much theming to do with that part other than what's in the ride. The old school Hollywood theme as you enter to the right of Universal Studios really captures the whole Betty Boop, and film style that Universal brings after all it caters a lot of it's rides to iconic films and the outside is supposed to either mimic the ride itself if it's a specific themed area, or a Hollywood style if it is not a full themed area which it in fact does if you pay attention to the details in front of you. Similarly in Islands of Adventure it is not meant to be ACTUAL Islands and more as if you're transferring between the different islands like Marvel Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, Hogsmeade etc. They all transition well between each other and the attention to detail in each section like for example, prints on the floor that you're walking on, noises from the bushes as you walk past that may not always catch your attention but if you're really getting into it then it will. Universal has been credited for it's attention to detail and I can't wait to see the same with Skull Island and the Kong ride. They are always pushing boundaries.

  7. Give them 10 years after all the refurbished and additions. Needs to grow but for real..just be happy about the good parts. They are trying to make it a well rounded place.

  8. Give them 10 years after all the refurbished and additions. Needs to grow but for real..just be happy about the good parts. They are trying to make it a well rounded place.


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