Islands of Adventure Update: Hulk, Kong, and More (Part 1)

Universal's Islands of Adventure certainly has a lot going on at the moment.
While quite a few projects are taking place at the neighboring Universal Studios Florida, Guests visiting Islands of Adventure can look forward to two new, major additions next year: the completely refurbished Incredible Hulk Coaster and the brand-new Reign of Kong themed area. As you'll see, the iconic coaster is still missing its track, while King Kong's domain continues to get better and better...

First of all, Islands of Adventure's sign (hanging in front of the Pharos lighthouse) has been repainted:

Inside the park:

Wait times were not bad at all around 3 p.m.:

Let's continue by entering Marvel Superhero Island:

The Incredible Hulk Coaster (or what's left of it):

Work continues outside the building housing the attraction's queue:

A view of the coaster's launch tunnel from the heart of Marvel Superhero Island:

Behind the walls:

Nothing seems to have changed since our last visit:

A panoramic photo of the area:

The water feature in front of the Toon Lagoon signs have been turned off:

The amphitheater is still standing (at least for now):

Another look at The Incredible Hulk Coaster from Me Ship, The Olive:

The Universal Orlando Resort is truly beautiful:

We never noticed these warning signs before. They could have been added recently:

One of the new attraction information boards is no longer hiding behind plants:

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls was having technical difficulties:


  1. Does anyone else see the green thing in the launch tube of the hulk? What could that be?

  2. Horrible as all Universal Studios has...


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