Epcot Attractions to Extend Hours After Soarin's Closure

As previously reported, the very popular Soarin' attraction is scheduled to close for a quite extensive refurbishment at Epcot beginning from January 4, 2016.
To help Guests maximize their visit to the park during that time, more attractions in Future World will remain open to Guests until park close, including Living with the Land, Circle of Life, Journey Into Imagination, and Pixar Short Film Festival. It is unclear whether Innoventions and Universe of Energy will also be included.


  1. Anyone know if this will be back open by May/June?

  2. @ Arron Miles...

    It has been reported that it will be a 6 month rehab, I would recommend that you assume that it won't be open until late June or early July. Of course everything is subject tot change, and you might have better luck.

    There was a post on another site (easywdw I think) of the interesting effect of riding Living with the Land at night. He really enjoyed the difference and encouraged others to try it. However it was really only a winter option, since the ride closed at 7pm, and most of the year it isn't dark at 7pm.

    With the extended hours, more people should try it out. Might make a nice late evening fastpass option now.

  3. I would hope they'd include the Sum of All Thrills in this later offering, as it closes entirely too early anyway....