As you might remember, we were the first to report an interesting rumor about a long Soarin' refurbishment that would involve the theaters, the queue area, the attraction's entrance, as well as the nearby tour desk and restrooms.
Earlier today, the Walt Disney World Resort finally confirmed the closure of the ride, stating that "Soarin' will close for refurbishment beginning January 4, 2016 and shall reopen in the summer of 2016." More information will be shared soon.

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For me it would be awesome if the construction were running behind and delayed the closure. But I guess there is so much going on away from the 3rd theatre that nothing will stop or delay this rehab. It is what it is.

Seems like most any time, there is always at least 1 headliner down somewhere at WDW.

I just think it's pointless if there just upgraded the movie to a HD screen and repairing effects. Why not get the new theatre open then close one down at a time then do the queue line when the new film is In there

Alex said...

@Andy Hanson: Just a guess, but I'd imagine that construction noise would make it impossible to run 2 theatres while working on the third.

Dan Boris said...

Alex: The third theater is already under construction, and the work to link them together could be done after hours, which is quite common for projects in the parks.

They're updating the queue, too, hopefully adding interactive elements for the long waits. Disney would rather close down for a few months than have guests walk under tarps or by a piece of unpainted plywood - it can be frustrating while you wait, but it's what sets them apart.

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