Disney Springs Update: Panoramic View of Town Center

The new Town Center themed area of Disney Springs continues to take shape right next to The Landing. While multiple new additions have opened at Disney Springs in the past few months, the Town Center area will include many more new offerings that will introduce brands never seen before within this area of the Walt Disney World Resort. While we wait for more announcements, let's enjoy some photos of this section of Disney Springs taken from the parking garage.

First of all, take a look at the new transportation hub of Disney Springs:

It looks like it will be almost as large as the bus area located next to the Magic Kingdom Park:

The rest of the area is still mostly empty:

A large building is taking shape next to Planet Hollywood:

More buildings can be seen nearby:

Work also continues in The Landing:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I love and hate the new bus stop at the same time.

    love that it is so big, as the current one can be super crowded.. but also hate that it is so big. More over, people who can't afford to stay at the expensive hotels, like myself and stay at the values, will be shunted to the farthest zones they will build. its the same at MK, Epcot, HS and AK.

    Thanks for sharing the photos

  2. I hardly consider a few hundred extra feet at a place that involves several miles of walking to be a inconvenience. And I also only stay at POP.

    Maybe I voluntarily feel like a second class citizen, but if I paid $400+ a night for a hotel, I darn right think I would be the first spot at the bus stop. Of course I would not spend $400+ a night on a bed, since that is all I get out of a hotel.

  3. We stopped at CBR and that was one of the furthest stops at MK. When you think how far we had to walk around the resort I guess they assume we liked the longer walks.

  4. More miles = more calories burned.
    This is good, yes?

    What's next, you didn't think the place would be crowded?

  5. I'm a senior who does a lot of walking. I am a little concern about the parking. It seems the parking building is really far away from the other end of DS Will they be parking on the other end or is the parking building not that far away?

  6. There are several parking garages coming into service. They're spread out fairly well.
    It's always been a tough decision on which end to park, same as any mall.

  7. I said several, but I see mention of only 2 One on each end.

    For some reason I thought 3. Maybe the bus area I saw as another


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