SeaWorld Update: "Mako" Coaster Construction Continues

Construction continues to take place at SeaWorld in the future site of Mako, the park's new shark-themed hyper coaster that is scheduled to open next year.
While there is still no trace of the coaster itself in the park (the track pieces are still stored in a location not too far from the park), plenty of dirt has been moved since our last update, and some new markings have started to appear behind the Shark Encounter building. Enjoy these aerial views of the construction area:

Going up:

At its highest point, the new hypercoaster will be taller than this crane:

Some trees had to be removed from this area:

A section of the pond has been drained to allow cosntruction workers to access this area:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, new markings have been spotted:

We will now focus on the area between the Shark Encounter building and the Nautilus Theater:

Notice that work is being done on the foundations of the coaster and/or the station:

Moving on to the "turn-around" area that will be close to the pond located in the middle of the park:

Let's now take a look around the construction area from the ground:

Walls now surround the former stroller parking area of the Shark Encounter exhibit:

The large crane previously seen from above:

It is definitely being used to drill some deep holes in the ground:

More walls (we love them, didn't you notice that?):

We will conclude with a photo taken next to the Kraken:

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